• Mojo Mocha XXL Sex Coffee

Mojo Mocha Sex Coffee for Men 

Mojo Mocha XXL Coffee stimulant for men - instantly double your sexual performance with Mojo Mocha Coffee. Sex stimulants and libido boosters are also used to cure pre-mature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction problems.

Mojo Mocha Coffee Effects:

Increases sexual awareness, enlarges the penis both length and width, gives harder longer lasting erections, prolongs the time to orgasm. Alcohol does not effect the workings of Mojo Mocha Coffee although it may take slightly longer to work.

Mojo Mocha Coffee Dosage:

Take 1 sachet  with 100 ml warm water 30 minutes before having sex.


If you have ailments consult the doctor before using this product. Seniors are encouraged to consult the doctor before using stimulants.

What You Get:

1x 14g Sachet of Mojo Mocha Coffee.

Discreet Delivery:

Your parcel will be well packaged (private), only you will know the contents of the package. We do not put our website name on the package or as the senders address.

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Mojo Mocha XXL Sex Coffee

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