Payment Details

Payments Accepted:

We accept EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), Cash Deposit. On completion of your order, the site will email all the information you will need to make a payment. This information will be available in your "my account" section under "orders" and will include our Standard Bank banking details, your order number, products ordered, delivery method and total amount payable.

We re-con our account twice per day at 9:00 am and 16:00 pm for cleared order payments. Please make sure that your order number is always used as your payment reference. When your payment reflects in our account, on the same day you will receive a payment confirmation email from us with further delivery details. Your order status in your account section will then change from order pending to order processing.

Standard Bank to Standard Bank EFT payments reflect immediately - FNB to Standard Bank payments can take up to 48 hours - payments from all other South African banks reflect within 24 hours. If you have made an Instant Money payment, your order will be considered paid for once we receive the voucher and pin number.

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